My name is Dave Crawford and I have been teaching people about improving their retirement prospects since 1992.  I am a member of the Financial Planning Institute (a Certified Financial Planner) but I have chosen not to register to sell financial products to the people I teach.  I hope that what we teach them enables them to buy products, and deal with financial advisors, by themselves from a position of knowledge.

The Financial Sector Control Authority (the old Financial Services Board) has published a credo about the purchase of retail financial products, which is called “Treating Customers Fairly”.  They say “there is information asymmetry between retail financial consumers (THAT’S YOU) and financial firms.”

We believe that the only way to deal with this is to help you, the consumer, the individual, the employee, the retirement fund member learn enough to make up your own mind about what you should and shouldn’t do.

We provide retirement seminars to many organisations that employ many people.  We counsel departing employees and we help new employees get off on the right foot with their retirement preparation.

This service is also available to individuals.



I work with a group of associates who are well motivated and experienced in their fields:

  • The first is Cliff Barnes, a Certified Financial Planner ®, who also trains financial intermediaries. 
  • The next is Mike Byron, also a CFP®, who is a lecturer in law at Natal University;
  • Bheki Phakati ensures that we can deliver our education in most official languages.  
  • Wilber Nomvete also delivers mother tongue courses for us; and,
  • My wife, Penny Crawford, who handles the office administration;

This team has worked together for the last twenty years and we have had remarkable success in our projects.

We work with FQ Financial Skills who are experts in trustee training and other areas of pension expertise.

Contact us and let’s see how we can help you.

Please contact us directly if you want to.